Straw Blowers

Straw Blowers



The CH350 cutter feeder for all types of forage designed and built by Sitrex is the most suitable product for all breeders who want to combine reliability and
efficiency in their daily work for the preparation of bedding or the distribution of fodder directly in the feeding trough.

Total length 4130 mm
Width outside wheels 2075 mm
Total height with unloader completely lowered 2600 mm
Mixing tank volume 3,5 m³
Mixing tank internal length 2000 mm
Mixing tank internal width 1400 mm
Mixing tank internal height 1200 mm
Door length 1750 mm
Empty weight 2200 kg
Net capacity 1300 kg
Minimum Powerd Required 48 Kw - 66Hp
Min. oil flow and max. pressure min. 30 L - max 150 bar
Controls Electric with joystick
Attachments to the tractor 2 - quick coupling
Max. load round bales 2 - diam. 1800 mm
Max. load square bales N°1 1300X900X2700
Turbine diam. Ø 1500 mm
Number of throwing blades 8
Max. throw distance to RH 20 mt
Turbine two-speed gearbox min. 280 max 540
Cutting rotor 1 L=1400 diam. 530 mm
Number of knives 72
Rotor rpm 450
Number of counter-knives 13
Rotor drive 4-groove belt, with spring
Single Wheels 10.0/75 R15.3
Axle Sect.60 L=1800 6 stud bolts